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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Instagram's Newest Updates Cuts Time Between Clients and Streamlines with Facebook Company Pages

Logging in and out of more than 5 accounts throughout the week on Instagram is very annoying.
But I do it because I have to.
I've been struggling with having to choose which client I need to be logged into during each day. Between a handful of social media clients, it's easy to miss comments, new interactions, and sales opportunities when you're the only one managing accounts like these that need to be very social in order to sell. Then throw in when your client is active on the company Instagram account and checks the notifications in the morning before you wake up but doesn't reply to comments of potential sales?!?!?!
I may not be logged in for a couple of days, and by the time I come back; we have just witnessed a moment in the twilight hour where business opportunities are missed and sales are down. LOL
Now with Instagram's new update, managing every account through what feels like 1 account now, I am cutting approximately 1 hr a week out of my reports that I can use to take a break, or work that extra hour and bill for it accordingly.
But for real, the hour a week that this new update physically saves me, is more than just physical time. It streamlines my work schedule to have less stress, a shorter thinking process, and a more effective use of my time.
Also with Instagram's newer updates, advertising has become streamlined with Facebook advertising. Merging your Facebook Company Page with the brands Instagram is a necessity now and you need to make sure that your Instagram in settings is linked to your other social accounts.
You are also now assured that your Facebook/Twitter/etc. share button during your Instagram post creation, there will now be the text of your other social accounts page names, which is reassuring.
Thank you #Instagram!
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