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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Your First Marketing Hire For A Startup

Your First Marketing Hire

As many have written (most recently Jason Lemkin on Quora), B2B marketing contains at least four really discrete disciplines: demand generation, product marketing, positioning/strategy, and PR/communications/branding. Increasingly, marketing technologist & operations is being broken out separately, but it otherwise falls into the demand generation role.
When it comes time to hire a company’s first marketing person, most founders think they just need a director or experienced individual contributor to start doing demand generation and bring in leads. They think, “I’ve got to make sales productive with leads.” They invest in SEO, spend thousands on SEM, turn on email marketing, and crank out webinars. That is one approach, but I’ll argue it is the wrong one.
I recommend starting with a director or senior product marketing manager who is willing and ready to roll up her sleeves for three key reasons:
1. In the early stages, all marketing is product marketing.
The most important marketing milestones are to articulate the value proposition in your customer’s’ eyes, position it relative to competition and alternatives and help the company tell its story. If you’re spending money to amplify a bad or wrong story, it’s money down a drain.
2. Making sales productive is sales enablement not lead gen.
Making the company’s new sales people productive *is* critical, but what sales most needs is sales enablement tools rather than leads. Product marketing creates company presentations, case studies, ROI calculators, the website, and materials for a webinar or conference presentation. Product marketers are domain experts who can create content for lead gen and generate thought leadership.
3. Product marketers by definition are generalists with broad skill sets.
Someone who is exclusively really great at Demand Gen is not likely to be good at articulating a great story. They look for short-term clicks vs. playing the long game, which is what positioning is. On the other hand, product marketers tend to be “athletes” who play a productive role and stand up other marketing disciplines. A product marketer can build the website, write and disseminate articles, pick and manage PR agencies, run an analyst tour, optimize website for search, initiate and manage a competent SEM campaign, and pick the first basic marketing tools.
Companies who do not do the positioning work up front do not build the necessary foundation.
The risk of NOT doing the positioning work up front is you get customers, but they’re not the best or right ones. Your single best marketing asset as an early B2B company are early customers who love you.
For example, one major online backup company did all performance-based acquisition in its early days. They took anyone whose money was green. Only when they saturated their early markets did they start working on positioning, but at that point Dropbox already dominated the conversations in their categories. Shifting awareness at that point took millions instead of the thousands it would have taken to own their position in those markets up front.
There are plenty of companies that have experience on one side of this line or the other. But even though it’s contrary to today’s conventional wisdom, at Costanoa we feel leading with product marketing is the way to go.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What to blog about?

So on Facebook and LinkedIn today I did a post that we would be doing 15 blog post this month.


Because we know blogs are great for SEO and they give you lots more space to write than Twitter, LinkedIn. More space means more you can go deeper into what your company is all about.

Plus, we have been lagging behind because we get wrapped up with day to day stuff.

Yet, as someone who has been helping companies with social media for over 4 years, I know how tough this is going be.

So, how do you come up with 15 blog post a month?

Here are a few suggestions on some blog topics....

There is always news about the company--- for example you will be closed or open on Labor Day. You can reintroduce people to older products in new and fresh ways, share industry news, find funny or inspiration cartoons or photos (these often get lots of attention), coverage of upcoming trade show-(fall trade show season is about to start), create longer tech/informational pieces (these get lots of attention yet take more time to develop), ask questions about the state of the industry( these are tough-- the right questions to as most are pretty shy online), share employee/customer photos (always a good one), new hires, etc.

Well, this is 1 out of 15....14 to go.

Need help with blogging, we might be able to help. Contact us at 407-432-7706

Monday, March 30, 2015

sagmeister & walsh refreshes frooti mango juice campaign with indian motifs

sagmeister & walsh refreshes frooti mango juice campaign with indian motifs
original content
mar 26, 2015
sagmeister & walsh refreshes frooti mango juice campaign with indian motifs

sagmeister & walsh refreshes frooti mango juice campaign with indian motifs
all images courtesy of sagmeister & walsh

sagmeister & walsh has conceived the visual identity, graphics, social strategy, advertising and animation graphics for frooti, one of the largest and oldest mango juice brands in india. the new york-based graphic design studio sourced the bright, bold and playful color palette used throughout the campaign from the indian culture, making sure the visuals would stand out in the crowded advertising landscape of the region. with packaging designed bypentagram, sagmeister & walsh were able to create a miniature world revolving around a series of eye-catching juice boxes, cleverly arranging tiny people in participation with the product. scaled models of vehicles, people and plant life interact with the frooti packaging and mangos (kept full-scale) allowing the two objects to identify as the ‘hero’ of the story assembled in each shot.

frooti holli
video courtesy of 

‘when stefan & I visited india’, walsh explains about the research and inspiration behind the campaigns, we noticed how most of the billboard campaigns used a similar language: lots of text heavy ads or straightforward images of people / product shots. there are also numerous size formats and billboards often overlap each other. the result is that the advertising landscape in many areas looks extremely busy and nothing stands out as everything speaks in a similar language. noticing this, we designed frooti’s campaigns to be very simple and graphic with bold colors. looking at the heavily commercial and busy ad landscape, we loved the idea of creating images that had sweetness or humor. these graphics will be posted all over the country on billboards, above shops, and painted on the sides of buildings. whether its a mango hula hooping, a couple kissing behind a mango sunset, or a group of friends riding down a mango blimp, we tried to create imagery that could make people smile.

we also conceptualized games, a social media strategy, a cocktail recipe website, and a digital platform for all things frooti.’ walsh continues. ‘this included creating creating many smaller stop motion animations videos. for these shorter videos we brought the mango to life, giving them a sense of playfulness and character. over time on their instagram account we will continue to release videos to this series. the graphic language is very adaptable to telling all kinds of stories: already we’ve released little stop motion videos celebration the holi festival, the win of the last indian cricket team, and mangos hugging for valentines day.’

frooti cricket
sagmeister-walsh-frooti-mango-juice-in-indian-campaign-designboom-21sagmeister-walsh-frooti-mango-juice-in-indian-campaign-designboom-12Animation_02sagmeister-walsh-frooti-mango-juice-in-indian-campaign-designboom-09sagmeister-walsh-frooti-mango-juice-in-indian-campaign-designboom-14Animation_02_copysagmeister-walsh-frooti-mango-juice-in-indian-campaign-designboom-16sagmeister-walsh-frooti-mango-juice-in-indian-campaign-designboom-08sagmeister-walsh-frooti-mango-juice-in-indian-campaign-designboom-17sagmeister-walsh-frooti-mango-juice-in-indian-campaign-designboom-10sagmeister-walsh-frooti-mango-juice-in-indian-campaign-designboom-22sagmeister-walsh-frooti-mango-juice-in-indian-campaign-designboom-18sagmeister-walsh-frooti-mango-juice-in-indian-campaign-designboom-19sagmeister-walsh-frooti-mango-juice-in-indian-campaign-designboom-20  sagmeister-walsh-frooti-mango-juice-in-indian-campaign-designboom-07

frooti spring 2015 – behind the scenes

Monday, March 9, 2015

mickael jou's gravity-defying dance series captures ballet mid-move

mickael jou's gravity-defying dance series captures ballet mid-move

original content
mar 02, 2015
mickael jou's gravity-defying dance series captures ballet mid-move---This is a great idea for an advertising campaign.....

mickael jou’s gravity-defying dance series captures ballet mid-move
all images courtesy of mickael jou

mickael jou has embarked on a year-long project which unites his two creative careers — photography and dance. the french-american artist has comprised his ‘365 self-portrait project’ using everyday scenes for the composition’s backdrop — a supermarket, park and museum hallways. caught mid-move, jou acts as the focal point of each scenario, sometimes suspended weightlessly in flight, other times dramatically interacting with the surrounding environment. what looks to be the work of wires, tethering him to some invisible support system, is instead the adept manipulation of his own body, with which he has skillfully and carefully controlled. with perfectly-pointed toes and elegantly-outstretched arms, the series takes a rare look at the graceful steps and paces frozen in a frame. 
mickael jou's dance moves defy gravity
the photographer / dancer hovers in front of a stunned room of museum-goers
mickael jou's dance moves defy gravity
jou’s dance position interacts with a nearby statue
mickael jou's dance moves defy gravity
the dancer holds onto the bars of a fence and drifts his legs into the air
mickael jou's dance moves defy gravity
jou caught mid-move sees him seemingly floating above the city street
mickael jou's dance moves defy gravitymickael jou's dance moves defy gravity  mickael jou's dance moves defy gravitymickael jou's dance moves defy gravitymickael jou's dance moves defy gravitymickael jou's dance moves defy gravitymickael jou's dance moves defy gravitymickael-jou-designboom-01mickael-jou-designboom-02mickael-jou-designboom-03mickael-jou-designboom-04mickael-jou-designboom-05mickael-jou-designboom-06mickael-jou-designboom-07mickael-jou-designboom-08